Manufacturer of gold and silver jewellery
Mošna, a.s.

Mošna, a.s. manufactures precious metal jewellery since 1994.

On our website we offer over 300 design chain models and more than 3000 paterns of pendants, earrings, bracelets and necklaces but also semi-finished products for jewellery manufacture and custom-made production. We sell and buy gold and silver and provide repairs, hand and laser engraving on any type of metal. To provide customers with high standard of services we also include high quality electroplating that assures your piece of jewellery beautiful appearance and brilliant shine and protection.

Thanks to our long company tradition jewellery electroplating belongs to our strenghts. Currently we offer silver plating, gold plating, rhodium plating and also rhutenium plating. Based on long experience we would like to introduce very trendy and the most lightweight jewellery on our market.

Our company motto: It is not enough to gain a customer, for us is more important to keep his loyalty.

Buy back of gold and silver

Current price valid for 00.00.0000

AU: Kč/g 585/1000 in bullion
AG: Kč/g 925/1000 in bullion

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We buy gold and silver in any form. Gold purity is meassured by the most advanced technologies. In case of your interest please visit our store at 27 Haštalská, Prague 1 or contact us on +420 777 134 190 or +420 777 134 172 and we will visit you.

Choose comfortably from our online catalogue We are at your full disposal on +420 591 462 580 We offer investment gold +420 777 105 412